Date: 2020-07-06 08:42:16
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My MP4 files have "IsStreamable" to "Yes" when i check them with "MediaInfo".

I had used the "-movflags faststart" with "ffmpeg".

If i play them on a Video Player they are seekable, i can go to minute i want by clicking on any position on the bar; but if i put them on the http/https server (uploading them by ftp) and i use "video" tag on the HTML page, they are not seekable on all the video range, they are seekable only on downloaded portion of the bar.

What can be happening? How to fix that?

In other words, to see the last part of the video (when i use HTML5 video tag) i need to wait until the whole video file has been downloaded (or cached by browser), i can not fast skip to last part of the video.

It is also worst, most times the video stops at some variable point (just where downloaded part end) and can not continue and i must re-load the page.

I want to be able to jump to any part of the video at any time and wait no more than one or two seconds, not a lot of minutes (neither wait hours if slow connection).

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by: Claudio