Date: 2020-07-16 02:36:03
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I also have same problem, i dont know why :( Please help me enter image description here

config = {
    'response_mode': 'form_post',
    'url_authorize': 'https://accounts.haravan.com/connect/authorize',
    'url_connect_token': 'https://accounts.haravan.com/connect/token',
    'grant_type': 'authorization_code',
    'nonce': 'asdfasdgd',
    'response_type': 'code id_token',
    'app_id': 'ae796863b607faff1f4fb40caf10e852',
    'app_secret': '5b0cc15d1aa5734e4e8e49d74f5864e5dae19eb706a1abe244c4ac74326c36c7',
    'scope_login': 'openid profile email org userinfo',
    'scope': 'openid profile email org userinfo com.write_products  com.read_products  web.read_script_tags  grant_service',
    'login_callback_url': 'http://localhost:3000/install/login',
    'install_callback_url': 'http://localhost:3000/install/grandservice',
    'webhook': {
        'hrVerifyToken': 'bOL3XFfZabhKe6dnJfCJuTAfi37dFchQ',
        'subscribe': 'https://webhook.haravan.com/api/subscribe'
def get_config(a):
    b = config.get(a)
    return print(b)

def main():
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Posted by: Linh Nguyễn Ngọc