Date: 2020-09-19 08:59:43
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Please my shipping price keeps showing wrong price on checkout page it was working well before but suddenly stopped working after woocommerce update . I have contacted woocommerce developers but they said the issue is with the third party plugin that I'm using, can you guys help me out please ?🙏 My site is HTTPS://WWW.SHOPEASY.ONLINE you can visits the site Add a product of 20kg the price is supposed to be #4000 if you select Nigeria as country and Imo as state and the shipping price minimum count is #8000 naira but all this are not working.. Please I need help.

You can test it with this product . https://shopeasy.online/product/skyrun-chest-freezer-bd145a/

Select Nigeria and Imo as state

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Posted by: Patrick