Date: 2020-10-23 11:10:07
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@MattCash, @Adam Smith Connection String also has Account Key is which means we have to hard code the account key, is there any way because I am still getting 403 and 404 error when I use the below. Please help here. But I found no overload to StorageCredentials constructor which accepts sasToken and Account Name. // Create new storage credentials using the SAS token. StorageCredentials accountSAS = new StorageCredentials(sasToken); // Use these credentials and the account name to create a Blob/Table service client. CloudStorageAccount accountWithSAS = new CloudStorageAccount(accountSAS, "account-name", endpointSuffix: null, useHttps: true);

I am passing table storage account name(yellow) but above code is not assigning StorageCredential.Credentials.AccountName properties Basically, I am trying to achieve following using Shared Access Signature for Azure Storage. I have SAS Token, AccountName and endpointSuffix I am not allowed to use ConnectionString, AccountKey directly in code due to security reason.

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Posted by: Rajesh