Date: 2020-11-25 06:08:29
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So I think I'm having almost an identical problem. If I run the test for the instant app from studio it will function as expected. If I look at my apps I see no icon representing the instant app ( though I know if I goto apps under settings it will exist ) If I then visit my URL it will launch the instant app. However If I clear out that app (settings->app->remove..) then visit the URL it just goes to the web site. I'm trying to launch the URL via text message. I'm unclear if its something to do with the code I've written or perhaps the structure of my AndroidManifest.xml file. I've tried several different examples to date. All seem to result in the same behavior. Also I've noticed to Try button exist on the play store. ( I did just today switch to a closed track testing ) I saw some of your other posts related to that. Seems its needs to be in Alpha for Try button to appear?


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Posted by: Junk Snapple